For general information about the project, look at this post

I didn’t post any updates for a long time, mostly because I was coding actively, and completely forgot about anything else :)

First of all, new screenshots:

KCM - Mouse settings

KCM - Touchpad settings

Current status

On X11:

  • All properties of libinput driver can be configured from UI.

  • Incomplete UI for evdev and synaptics drivers.

On Wayland:

  • Works with patched KWin.

  • Uses the same UI as on X11 (libinput).

Near-term plans

  • Refactoring.

  • Write more tests.

  • UI improvements for libinput - adjust layout, better names for some options, add tooltips.

  • Also, I’ll try to get rid of ‘Device’ combo box. It would be cool if every device is displayed as a separate KCM. However, currently I have no idea how to achieve it.

Long-term plans (post-GSoC)

  • Implement button mapping configuration on X11. It is necessary for evdev driver to enable left-handed mode, and isn’t available as XInput property.

  • Finish UI for evdev and synaptics.

  • Probably, I will port automatic disable logic from Touchpad KDED module. Only libinput has built-in automatic disable. However, as libinput becomes more widespread, there will be no need for custom implementation.

How to try

Beware! It crashes with latest stable libxcb and xcb-proto. To make it work you will need xcb and xcb-proto from git.


Wayland support isn’t enabled by default, and I doubt anybody wants to try it today :) But if you want, you need to:

  • Build KWin from my repo: git:// (branch libinput-dbusconfig).

  • Pass -DBUILD_KWIN_BACKEND=ON to cmake.